Is it me or Tantus has been reading their consumers minds? With the Tantus Uncut #1 I can say that they definitely listen to what their customers want. The size of this thing what initially attracted me. Its 7.45″ insertable length, medium to large diameter of 1.75″ and 295 grams heavy. Its very huge compared to my other toys. What's also good about it is its uncut, though this is the first uncut dildo I have used, it was a very impressive experience.

It might not be noticeable on the picture, but the detail on this is awesome! With the skin-texture silicone, veins, wrinkles and even the urethra opening is so realistic. The whole body of it is delightfully squishy on the outside but with a firm inner core. Its basically a combination of length, texture and the top head shape of this dildo makes it versatile. It also comes in 3 different color – cream, cocoa and mocha.

The Uncut #1 is also best for anal play, harness use and users who has reach issues. The soft texture of it makes it less painful when inserted too far. Once inside, you'll definitely feel its fine bumps. The head of it is stimulating, but without the curve it doesn't hit the g-spot.

Its also very flexible. Compared to other silicone dildo brands, the Uncut #1 can be bend or twist easily with hands. It is made from 100% silicone and silicone is always the recommended material for sex toys when buying.


Overall the Tantus Uncut is a great everyday dildo.
Its good enough to fill your entire vaginal canal without pummeling your g-spot. I think anyone who just enjoy width and texture would find the uncut perfect, but for users who aren't fan of textures, I'd recommend using a water based lubricant to make it slippery.

There are few downsides that I found with the Uncut. The top head is too heavy for it to stand up by its own. I know its not a big deal, but for some, they might find it very annoying most especially if you store your dildos on a shelve standing up.

Cleaning is also an issue with this toy. I usually clean up my toy with just soap and water using my hand, but with the extra details on the uncut, cleaning has to be more thorough and it is not easy to clean it by hand. There are even times that I washed this thing and it reveals more gunk hidden in its crevices after drying. Tantus recommends boiling this toy or sanitizing it in the dishwasher to get the texture completely cleaned out.

Overall this is a great dildo. Its very realistic. The puckered skin on the undershaft isn't something you'll find in ordinary dildos. Since then it has been a staple toy for me.

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